Just 2 steps to complete PCT national phase entry into Japan

Just 2 steps to file Japanese national phase entry of PCT application:

  • Step 1: Please let us know your PCT application number.
  • Step 2: Please provide us with necessary documents (we will send a list).

To complete the procedures for the national phase entry into Japan, we will:

(1) file a petition for entry to validly enter the national phase in Japan

  • PCT National Phase Deadline: 30 months of the priority date of the PCT application
  • Estimated costs: JPY 60,000 (Basic Filing Fee) + JPY 14,000 (Government Fee)

(2) prepare and file a full Japanese translation of the PCT application

  • Translation Deadline: 2 months from the national phase entry
  • Estimated costs: JPY 25 (per English word) (Attorney’s Translation Fee)

Meanwhile, in these days, most of our overseas clients (almost 100%) already filed a PCT application when they consider filing a patent application in Japan. If you wish to file a patent application in Japan directly or through Paris convention route, please let us know.