Our Services

PCT National Phase Entry into Japan

Please just let us know your PCT application number. We will check the status and let you know the due date and necessary documents to be sent to us from your end.

Patent Translation

Only qualified patent attorneys are in charge of translation services. We do not use translation agencies, whose translations are inferior in quality and do not satisfy the formality requirements.

Trademark Filing in Japan

Please provide us with your logo/mark and goods/services to be designated. We will carefully review them and provide some proposals to comply with the Japanese practice.

Prosecution before the JPO

We have prided ourselves in high-quality services from the start of our firm. The same patent attorney is responsible for handling each case entirely from the filing through prosecution.​

Administrative Work

We believe that administrative work is very important in the IP field. Our administrative staffs are well experienced and we apply a triple check process to each case.

Annuity & Renewal

Once your patent/trademark applications are granted, we will enter these into our docket system, and provide you with estimated costs in advance and timely reminders.

Complex Cases

We have devoted ourselves to professional IP work especially in difficult and complex proceedings, including appeals and oppositions, and our firm's success rate in such proceedings is significantly high.

Second Opinion

We also have broad experience in providing overseas clients with second opinions on cases, regarding which they are not satisfied with the current Japanese representatives’ legal advice.

1. Please just let us know your PCT application number;
2. We will check the status and let you know the due date and necessary documents;
3. We will file a petition for entry to enter the national phase in Japan; and
4. We will prepare and file a full Japanese translation.

1. Please provide us with your mark/logo and goods/services to be designated;
2. We will review the original goods/services and provide you with proposals to comply with the Japanese practice; and
3. We will file a trademark application before the Japan Patent Office.

1. We will send a reminder 2 months before the deadline with estimated costs;
2. Please provide us with your instructions; and
3. We will file a Request for Examination, together with an Amendment if necessary.

1. We will report on an Office Action within 1 month of issue with comments and translation thereof;
2. Please provide us with your instructions; and
3. We will prepare and file a response within a few days.

1. We will report on a Decision to Grant within a few days of issue with estimated costs;
2. We will pay the registration fee within a few days after receiving your instructions;
3. Your application is granted as Patent/Trademark; and
4. We will timely send reminders for future maintenance/renewal.

Choose Your Translation Plan

At our firm, patent attorneys specialized in the respective technical field are in charge of translation services. 

Meanwhile, we understand that some overseas clients prepare Japanese translations at their end. If you wish to proceed with later prosecution smoothly and to seek strong protection, we recommend our IP attorneys’ proofreading before filing. If you wish for us to check and revise the formalities only, we will not charge any additional fees.


¥ 25
per English word
  • Work Product by Attorney
  • Partner Proofread


¥ 5
per English word
  • Your Translation
  • Attorney Proofread


¥ 0
per English word
  • Your Translation
  • Formality Check
save cost

Choose Your Prosecution Plan

We have tried to offer as high quality and expedient services as possible, but at the same time, we wish to keep the costs to be charged to our clients to a minimum.

As to prosecution service fees, we basically charge hourly to maintain the best services, and we place a cap on our respective service fee. Meanwhile, if you wish to take the fixed fee plan, please explicitly instruct us to do so.


for clients need detailed services
¥ 20,000/15,000 per hour (ptr./cousel)
  • Full Services
  • Partner Attorney Work
  • Attorney Translation
  • Cap on respective service


for clients wish to save costs
¥ 60,000/150,000 per OA (non-subst./subst.)
  • Essential Services
  • Attorney Work
  • AI Translation
  • Flat Rate
save cost

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Fee Schedule

At Allegro IP Law Firm, the price you see is the price you pay. Unlike the other IP law firms in Japan, we reveal the schedule of services and our clients are kept informed of any charges. We also prepare estimates in advance and/or detailed invoices for costly cases, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Japanese practice including PCT national phase, examination, response to office action, registration, etc. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact

Quality Service Guarantee

We believe that Allegro IP is the sole Japanese IP law firm that offers foreign clients a quality service guarantee commitment. We have prided ourselves in high-quality services from the start of our firm and we are always trying to provide our best services to clients. However, if you find any unsatisfactory issues with our services, please request us to work over your cases as you deem necessary. At least two partner IP attorneys will review the case and try to follow your request as much as possible. We will of course absorb any additional expenses related to this service. It may be unfortunate for us to receive such a request, but we view our clients’ demands as opportunities to improve our services for future cases, and we hope that our clients will enjoy our services in the long term.

Hiroshi Higuchi | Managing Partner