Patent Filing & Prosecution before the Japan Patent Office

Flowchart & Estimated costs PCT National phase entry into japan.

stage 01 | filing

How to file patent application in Japan
deadline: 30 months from priority date

1. Please let us know your PCT publication number (ex. WO 2021/012345);
2. [Within 12 hours] We check the deadline and submit a quotation;
3. Upon receipt of your instructions, we submit a petition for entry and a Japanese translation.

Estimated Costs

Filing Fee: JPY 60,000
Official Fee: JPY 14,000
Translation Fee: JPY 25 (per English word)
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stage 02 | request for examination

How to initiate examination
deadline: 3 years from international filing date

1. [2 months before the deadline] We send a reminder with estimated costs;
2. Please provide us with your instructions and, if applicable, proposed claim amendments;
3. We file a request for examination, and if applicable, an amendment and a written statement.

Estimated Costs

Official Fee*: JPY 124,000 + JPY 3,600 x N (number of claims)
Attorney's Fee:
(i) Basic Fee: JPY 30,000
(ii) Service Fee for filing amendment and written statement (if applicable): JPY 45,000
*university, small enterprise, venture company etc. may file a request for 1/2 or 2/3 deduction

stage 03 | office action

How to respond to examiner's rejection
deadline: 3 months (extendable)

1. [10-12 months from examination request] We receive office action from the JPO;
2. [Within 1 month] We provide you with an English translation of office action and our analysis;
3. Upon receipt of your authorization, we file an amendment and an argument.

Estimated Costs

Official Fee: N/A
Attorney's Fee:
(i) reporting on office action along with English translation thereof: around JPY 70,000;
(ii) filing amendment and argument: around JPY 90,000

stage 04 | Appeal

How to respond to decision of rejection
deadline: 4 months (non-extendable)

1. If rejections raised in the office action are not overcome, we receive a decision of rejection;
2. [Within 1 month] We provide you with an English translation of the decision and our analysis;
3. Upon receipt of your authorization, we file an appeal together with an amendment.

Estimated Costs

Official Fee: JPY 49,500 + JPY 5,500 x N (number of claims)
Attorney's Fee:
(i) reporting on decision of rejection along with English translation thereof: around JPY 70,000
(ii) filing notice of appeal together with amendment: around JPY 60,000
(iii) filing appeal brief: around JPY 90,000

stage 05 | Registration

How to pay annuities
deadline: 30 days (extendable)

1. If the examiner considers that the application is in condition for allowance, we receive a decision to grant.
2. [Within 30 days] We have to pay the first three annuities ;
3. We send an original copy of your certificate of patent.

Estimated Costs

Official Fee: JPY 6,300 + JPY 600 x N (number of claims)
Attorney's Fee: JPY 30,000

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