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Non-Reciprocal relationship between foreign associates and Allegro IP

We are sometimes asked by foreign associates to work with them in a reciprocal manner.  That means, the foreign associates will send their domestic clients’ cases to us provided that we send our Japanese clients’ cases to them.  It appears to be attractive to send cases to local counsel in foreign countries and to receive cases from them in return, especially when the organization is new like us.  

However, we wonder if such a manner of business is actually good for the clients.  We wish to determine local counsel in foreign countries faithfully for our Japanese clients not just because we receive cases from them, but because we believe they are the best for our clients in terms of technical expertise, quality, price, firm scale, possible litigation, etc.

In view of the above, we make it a rule to NOT work with foreign associates in a reciprocal manner.  When we pronounce the non-reciprocal policy, some of the foreign associates tell us that they will no longer send cases to us, but we understand their policy and accept it.  Our policy is just to provide best services to our clients.  We hope that you will kindly understand our policy.

Nevertheless, we find it is always useful to receive information from colleagues abroad, and also would like to assist you with any IP matter in Japan.  Please let us know, of course, if we can be of any help to you.