4 reasons to obtain patents in Japan

4 reasons to obtain patents in Japan:

If you consider starting up business in Japan, we believe it advisable to obtain and utilize patents to support your business success.


  1. Territoriality Principle

As you may know, the territoriality principle is applied strictly to patent protection of inventions. A patent granted in one country has no effect beyond the territorial boundary of that country. Even if you obtained a patent in your jurisdiction, it is required to get a Japanese patent to protect your business in Japan.

  1. Exclusive Rights

Patents provide exclusive rights which allow you to use and exploit the invention for twenty years. You are able to prevent others from commercially using your patented invention, thereby reducing competition and achieving a greater share of the market. Even if you do not manufacture a product by yourself, you can earn money based on licensing agreements with others or damages suit.

  1. Accept Investments

We are often asked by overseas venture companies, research institutes, etc. to make contact with venture capitals in Japan. In such cases, patent applications/patent rights in Japan definitely give you some advantages when finding investors. However, in our experience, most of them have not filed patent applications in Japan or their applications have not been granted as patents. Please note that the venture market in Japan has not been matured yet, and therefore, patents are important not only for providing positive information but also for designing future plans.

  1. Positive Image

Consuming public may perceive your patent (and/or trademark) notice on your products as a demonstration of the high quality, safety, government approval, etc. This may prove useful for preselling consumers. The data shows that the sales of products stating that they are patented were 131% higher than those of normal products in Japan.