Pro-patent Trends in Japan 2020

Pro-patent Trends in Japan 2020

1. Number of PCT Applications

The number of PCT international applications filed before the Japan Patent Office (“JPO”) is consistently on the rise, and in 2018, the JPO received 48,630 PCT applications as the WIPO Receiving Office, which is a record high.


2. Examination Speed

The JPO has made great efforts to accelerate patent examination procedures, and in 2018, they achieved the following pending periods from the filing of requests for examination:

1) 9.3 months until a first action; and

2) 14.1 months until a final action.

The examination speed at the JPO is relatively fast among the IP5, and the total pending period (item 2) is the shortest among the IP5 (USPTO: 24.2 | EPO: 24.9 | CNIPA: 22.0 | KIPO: 15.9).


3. Grant Rate

The grant rate in Japan has exceeded 60% from the year of 2011 and it was 75.3% in 2018, which is the highest among the IP5 (USPTO: 74.5% | EPO: 62.2% | CNIPA: 53.5% | KIPO: 65.2%).

Source: JPO Status Report 2019

Source: JPO Annual Report 2019