Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance and Corporate Structure

Our firm launched in 2016. As a new firm, we have thoroughly streamlined the firm’s system and strategy to exclusively focus on patent matters in Japan for foreign clients. The firm’s operation is extremely sophisticated in all aspects, including security, administration, billing, etc. We have prided ourselves in high-quality services from the start of our firm and we are always trying to provide our best services to clients.

Meanwhile, we understand that the potential clients might feel insecure about entrusting their patent matters to a new firm. Hence, we have taken out a policy in Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance by Patent Attorneys Cooperative Association of Japan from the start of our firm.

Surprisingly, only less than half of the IP law firms in Japan take out the insurance, but we believe we should provide against an emergency so that the foreign clients may enjoy our services without anxiety. Of course, each member of our firm will be conscious of being meticulously careful as always.

Further, as you may know, most of the IP law firms in Japan are personal businesses, but some of the foreign clients sometimes ask us if we can corporately provide services. Hence, regarding particular services, we have acquired a new legal status as LLC (limited liability company).

We hope that our clients will enjoy our services in the long term.