Tokyo-Yokohama ranked as top cluster of inventive activity

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WIPO reported the ranking of the top-100 clusters of inventive activity on the basis of international patent filings for the first time.  The table copied below presents the resulting ranking of the top-50 clusters.  It provides a fresh perspective on the spatial agglomeration of innovative activity.  The top 100 clusters account for 59.0 percent of all PCT filings in the period under consideration.

Tokyo–Yokohama emerges as the top-ranking cluster, followed by Shenzhen–Hong Kong, San Jose–San Francisco, Seoul, and Osaka–Kobe–Kyoto.  These five clusters alone account for 23.9 percent of all PCT filings.  The distribution of clusters across countries is highly uneven. Seven countries feature four or more clusters in the top-100: the United States (31), Germany (12), Japan (8), China (7), France (5), Canada (4), and the Republic of Korea (4).

For more details, please see  the WIPO’s website.