IP rights at Tokyo Olympic 2020 – you cannot post on SNS!

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You are not allowed to post photos and videos of Tokyo Olympic 2020 on SNS

Ticket lottery application for the Olympics games Tokyo 2020 was closed last week and the result will be announced on June 20.

Meanwhile, having reviewed the Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use, I found the following article (emphases added):

Tokyo 2020 – Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use – Article 33 “Filming”

  1. The Holder may take or record still and moving images and/or sounds within the Venue. In such case, the Holder agrees that the IOC shall be the sole owner of any intellectual property rights (including the rights set forth in Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Act of Japan) in such content without further authorisation from, or compensation to, the Holder or anyone acting on his/her behalf. The Holder hereby assigns any rights he/she may have in respect of such content to the IOC, including, without limitation, the rights set forth in Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Act of Japan, and agrees not to exercise any moral rights in and to the same.
  2. Pursuant to the above, the IOC hereby grants to the Holder a limited and revocable licence to use the still and moving images and sounds taken or recorded within the Venue, on the condition that such use is personal, private, non-commercial and non-promotional. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Holder shall not transmit or distribute (or otherwise provide to a third party) any moving images and/or sounds taken or recorded within the Venue over television, radio, the internet (including on social media and by livestreaming), or any other electronic media whether now existing or created in the future with new technology, without the IOC’s prior consent.

Can you believe that???

You are allowed (of course!) to take photos and record videos, but it should be for personal use. That means, the intellectual property rights should be owned by the IOC and you may not post the photos, videos, etc. on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook … What you can do is: to take photos and videos and share them with your friends by showing them face to face.

I’m ashamed as a Japanese that the traditional old-fashioned (bad) way came out… Does anybody know about the previous Olympic terms and conditions?