Half Deduction of Official Fees before the Japan Patent Office

Our firm carries out the missions of supporting the most advanced venture and start-up companies across the world in obtaining patent protection in Japan.  For such clients, we offer a Special Package including the following:

  • Patent Application before the Japan Patent Office
  • Translation into Japanese
  • Request for Half Deduction of Official Fees
  • Request for Expedited Examination (optional)

Please note that half of the Official Fees with respect to the Request for Examination and Annual Fees can be deducted under special conditions.   For example, in the case of a PCT national phase application in Japan including 20 claims, the Official Fee for filing a Request for Examination is JPY 178,000 (about USD 1680).  The deduction can be applied to a foreign applicant, if the applicant satisfies the following requirements and submits certain certificates:

  • Established within 10 years OR Exempt from Corporation Tax
  • Capitalized below JPY 300,000,000 (about USD 3 million)

If you wish to have more details regarding necessary materials, applicable conditions, etc., please contact us at info@allegropat.com.