Drawings in Japanese application

1) Translation in the drawings:

When entering the national phase in Japan, no submission of drawings that do not require any translations to the JPO conforms to the PCT rules, and it is always the case. Please note that the examiner should review all drawings submitted during the international phase.

If the PCT application has drawings including no English words, we do not file such drawings in the Japanese application.

2) Color drawings:

Please note that JPO does not accept color drawings in any case, but we can submit color photos as supplementations if submission of such photos is considered to be effective for the examination by an examiner.  Therefore, we will submit the color photos of the color drawings for the examiner’s review after we file the translation.

3) Original drawings and substitute drawings:

In the case that the content of the substitute sheets is perfectly identical to that as filed, we do not need the original.  We check the original drawings on the WIPO web site and confirm if the content of substitute drawings is identical to the originals.