After receipt of Decision to Grant – Registration Fee and Annuity Payment

* N is the number of claims and the currency is Japanese Yen

1) Registration Fee for a granted patent :

Registration Fee (initial 3 annuities)         (2,100 + 200 x N) x 3

At the time of the issuance of the Decision of Grant, the number of claims cannot be simply reduced.  The registration fee must be paid at once for three years for all the claims.  After registration, however, it is possible to cancel some of the patented claims.  As you see below, the official maintenance fees increase as the number of claims N increases.  Therefore, it may be worthwhile to reducing the fees by cancelling some claims.

2) Annuities (maintenance fees):

(each year from 4th to 6th year)              6,400 + 500 x N

(each year from 7th to 9th year)              19,300 + 1,500 x N

(each year from 10th to 25th year)          55,400 + 4,300 x N

3) Extension of the deadline for payment:

It is possible to file a request for 30 days extension of the term for paying the first three annuities.

It is also possible to extend payment of the annuity up to 6 months after the due date with payment of a surcharge.