PCT National Phase Entry into Japan

Flat-Rate Patent Filing Plan for Overseas Companies

We are the sole patent law firm in Japan that offers overseas companies a Flat-Rate Patent Filing Plan.

All-Inclusive Flat Fee

$ 1,480
  • The plan includes the following:
  • Service Fee for filing PCT national phase entry into Japan
  • Official Fee of JPY 14,000
  • Translation Fee (from English into Japanese)
  • Service Fee for submitting Power of Attorney
  • Service Fee for filing Priority Document (if applicable)

If you consider filing a patent application in Japan for the first time or if you find any unsatisfactory issues with current Japanese representative's services, we believe this is a good opportunity to find a patent law firm in Japan that meets your requirements.
We guarantee experienced patent attorneys will be responsible for your case, but you have no need to worry about expensive attorney's fee.

Fixed Translation cost

Having conducted market research regarding patent applications in Japan filed by overseas companies, we considered anew about expensive Japanese translation fees. The unit translation cost at a typical IP law firm is at least USD 0.28 (per English word), and therefore, if a PCT application includes 10,000 English words, the total cost for filing a PCT national phase entry would be:

JPY 100,000 (Basic Filing Fee) + JPY 305,000 (Translation Fee) + JPY 14,000 (Official Fee) = about USD 3,900.

Meanwhile, we understand that new inventions are sometimes not directly linked to business initially but are potentially valuable, and therefore, we would like to provide overseas venture companies with more opportunities to file patent applications in Japan and to respond flexibly to business maneuvers. 

Under the circumstances, we offer the Flat-Rate Filing Plan that includes the translation cost from English into Japanese.  Our fee remains the same regardless of the volume of specification. That is, we do not charge additional translation fees based on the number of English words included in your PCT application. 

how we proceed

When you have decided to file a national phase entry of your PCT application into Japan, please just let us know your application/publication number, and the filing procedures will proceed automatically.

#1 Filing Instructions

#2 Advance Payment

  • Please make advance payment through Paypal USD 1,480

#3 Procedure by Japanese Patent Attorney

  • Petition for Entry before the Japan Patent Office on or before 30 month deadline
  • Japanese Translation of the PCT application within 2 months

Once you have decided to file a patent application in Japan, please just let us know the PCT number.

We will check the status of your PCT application and send you an invoice through Paypal within 24 hours. 

Upon receipt of your advance payment, we will initiate the work and complete filing. 

Patent Attorneys

Responsible for the Flat-Rate Plan

Hiroshi Higuchi
Managing Partner
Patent Attorney
Qualified as a Litigating Patent Attorney
U. S. Patent Agent (Limited Recognition)
Kaori Kohno
Patent Attorney
Radiation Protection Supervisor

Special Offer ends March 31, 2020


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