Deduction of Official Fees for Small Entities before the Japan Patent Office

As you may know, the JPO’s Official Fees can be deducted if an applicant is qualified as a small entity, which includes a small venture company, a small enterprise, an individual, etc. The deduction can be applied to a foreign applicant, if it is possible to submit certain application forms. If you wish to have more details, please contact us at

One third of the Official Fees can be deducted for small entities with respect to a Request for Examination, Annual Fee, etc. Under the current Japanese practice, it is said that the average fees required for a small entity to file and prosecute a Japanese patent application is about 4,000 US dollars.

The JPO recently agreed on the principle of marking down the fees required for a small entity to half-price, that is about 2,000 US dollars. Further, the scope of eligible small entities will be expanded. The Japanese patent law will be revised in this regard probably in 2019.

As a result, the fees required for a small entity will reach a minimum level among major developed countries as shown in the following graph.