About Us

Use our firm as your IP branch office in Japan

Attorney Work Principle

Only experienced attorneys are in charge of your cases before the Japan Patent Office, and there are no paralegals or associate attorneys.  All of our attorneys have:

  • at least 18 years of IP-related experience
  • worked in both Law Firms and Companies
  • technical expertise to understand cutting edge inventions
  • graduated from national universities

Abundant Experience

Our firm is based on the foreign clients team at a long established firm.  The members were selected from among competent attorneys who are capable of providing the best services to foreign clients and are familiar with how to proceed with foreign clients’ cases in Japan.  Our team has:

  • worked together for over 15 years
  • supported over 200 foreign clients including large multinational corporations, the most advanced universities, and individual entrepreneurs
  • filed 500+ PCT national phase entries into Japan and handled 3,000+ prosecutions

Past Achievement – Time Saving

The charts show the saved percentages which was calculated based on the differences in the average lapsed dates (after filing/request) on patent applications of our clients between us and another firm.

Past Achievement – Cost Reduction

The charts show the percentages of our fees compared to the fees charged by another firm for client who transferred their cases to us.
You can easily estimate the total costs when filing a PCT national phase entry into Japan, including Official Fees, Attorneys Fees, and Translation Fees.

Our Services:

Quality Service Guarantee

“We believe that Allegro IP is the sole Japanese IP firm that offers foreign clients a quality service guarantee commitment.

We have prided ourselves in high-quality services from the start of our firm and we are always trying to provide our best services to clients. However, if you find any unsatisfactory issues with our services, please request us to work over your cases as you deem necessary. At least two partner attorneys will review the case and try to follow your request as much as possible. We will of course absorb any additional expenses related to this service.

It may be unfortunate for us to receive such a request, but we view our clients’ demands as opportunities to improve our services for future cases, and we hope that our clients will enjoy our services in the long term.”

Tie-Up with DANNALAB B.V. (The Netherlands)

In the fields of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology, Allegro IP Law Firm forms a partnership with a Dutch company, DANNALAB B.V.

DANNALAB is an independent contract research company that specializes in physico-chemical studies of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems. DANNALAB’s core expertise relates to X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD or XRD) and Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS).

DANNALAB and Allegro IP collaborate regarding patent matters to offer:

(1) To Secure a Patent for New Solid Forms or Formulations

Assistance in finding unique patentable XRPD / SAXS physico-chemical properties for small-molecule drugs and biopolymers to be included in claims and specifications.

(2) For Existing Patents with XRPD and SAXS Content

Research regarding prior art, clearance and invalidation, scientific content analysis, digitization of images, and image data analysis.

(3) For Existing Drug Products

XRPD- and SAXS- related patent infringement tests, along with analysis of actual substances to compare against the patent specifications.


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